JRAM IT Services is ready to serve your requests and provide support for your activities!

These different support requests need ample time for preparation and must be informed ahead of time. Please see the table below for the lead times for activities and/or support requests.

For events/activities not listed, please use the form below.


Event: Zoom Online Prayer Meeting

Requirement: Zoom Host, OBS and Sound Check

Date of Event: November 13, 2022

Sending of Request: November 10, 2022

Output: Sound Checked; OBS Prep; and Zoom Host Key

JRAM IT Services will always be doing our best to serve, complete each of your requests effectively and efficiently.

Request Lead Time
Email Creation+Registration 3 days
Email Activation 2 days
Email Password Reset 1 day
Forgot Username Password Reset 1 day
Personal Gmail Account to JRAM Account Drive Migration 5 days
Schedule a Zoom Meeting 1 day
Zoom Tech Prep/Tech Support 3 days
Request Lead Time
Google Forms 2 days
Google Forms with PDF generation 3 days

Description Lead Time
Create new PMR Form 3 days
PMR Form Administration Assist
(Add/Edit/Delete Entry)
1 days
PMR Form troubleshooting 3 days
Description Lead Time
Request new SG Worksheet 3 days
Request Form Pairing 2 days
Paired Form Creation/Synchronization 2 days
Spreadsheet Add-on Installation 2 days
SG Worksheet Training 3 days
Description Lead Time
New Post Publishing
(per post/article/news)
2 days
New Page Publishing
(per page)
5 days
Events Page Publishing
(per page)
7 days
Update Campus/PCG Page 3 days
Delete Campus/PCG Page 5 days
Request Lead Time
Registration and Attendance Form 3 days
Event Landing Page Only 3 days
Event Landing, Registration and Attendance Form 5 Days