Welcome to the Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries

As surely as we believe all things are divinely ordained by the LORD, we are glad youare here with us today! Do feel free to read on, browse further, or stay a little while longer.And as you do, we pray you would get to know Christ more through our humble story.

We are the Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries. We are a family of churches and ministries who love God and people. Our heart is burning for the cities and nations – that they may know Christ as we share His Gospel through our words, works, and witness. As debtors to Christ and His cross, we love on the basis of His love!We love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19) – flaws, faults, foibles, and all!

We have multi-ministries that aim to honor God and reveal Christ. Our small group ministry caters to specific age and life group clusters (kids, youth, young adult, singles, couples, seniors) and nurtures them according to their distinct needs. Our other ministries include programs on education, discipleship, evangelism, prayer, and music and arts. Each ministry presents an opportunity for engagement, empowerment, and evangelism.

We stand on no other ground, but only in the grace of God. Everything we are and everything we do is for God and for His glory.

Join us in any of our church services or ministry activities! Become a part of our growing family!

You are welcome.

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