Jilannie Realina, Jhonuel Calma, Timothy Ebio
August 19, 2021


Missions can be thought of as bringing worship to places where it is absent. Our current freedom to worship in public was purchased by the blood of the martyrs who came before us. Paul counted this cost when he left his church on his three missionary journeys. Though he faced much persecution, he knew that every lash was worth the sacrifice. Have we come to the point in our walk with God where we’ve realized that Christ is not only worth living for but also worth dying for?
It can be a scary thought to travel to a place where no one has ever heard the name ‘Jesus’. However, Jesus promised us that in our journey of spreading the Gospel and discipling that he would be with us always.

God desires for every tribe and nation to come to a knowledge of his saving grace, and He is watching to see that his will is fulfilled in the lives of his followers. His deep love for his people should propel us to share with the lost. Let’s go! May all your travels be filled with Gospel-purpose!


We are not perfect. As a result, it may be hard to avoid the thought that we are not qualified to be sharing the Gospel. Learn to walk in the grace of God. We are justified through Christ. It is the cross that qualifies us.

What is a Missionary?

What is a Missionary?

Simply put, a missionary is someone who promotes their faith. Uniquely created as we are, our modes of promotion naturally differ from one another.



If you knew you had one conversation left with the person you loved the most in this world, what would you say? In Paul’s second letter to Timothy, it was clear that the apostle wasn’t sure whether they would meet again. Knowing he didn’t have much time left, he gave Timothy an instructional encouragement to stand firm in the good fight of faith.

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