Jilannie Realina, Jhonuel Calma, Timothy Ebio
August 19, 2021


If you knew you had one conversation left with the person you loved the most in this world, what would you say? In Paul’s second letter to Timothy, it was clear that the apostle wasn’t sure whether they would meet again. Knowing he didn’t have
much time left, he gave Timothy an instructional encouragement to stand firm in the good fight of faith. In the midst of his own persecution, Paul’s heart was that Timothy would also endure the hardships he was to face as a pastoral leader in the
church of Ephesus. He did not want Timothy to stray away from the faith as others had.

Our Father in heaven knows that in this world we, like Timothy, will also face many trials. It is God’s heart for us that we would endure and not stray as others have in the past. What are some practical things that we can do to endure? Take time to read
the word of God. Download a bible app onto one of your devices so that you will always have the bible at your fingertips. All scripture serves its purpose in the lives of believers. A life that is lived in obedience to Christ as revealed in the word is a life worth living.

Prayer Points

Pray for the community of believers to be united in one spirit.

  • Pray for women who experienced abuse or violence that they would receive healing and not turn away from their faith.
  • Pray that parents would not be false teachers to their children.
  • Pray for JRAM volunteers’ skills to be developed, talents to be honed, and an unleashing of creativity for the advancement of the kingdom.
  • Pray for wisdom on the youth that they would be able to discern false doctrine.
  • Pray that every believer’s understanding of God be grounded in that written in the bible.
  • Pray that believers would persevere through afflictions while sharing the Gospel.
  • Pray for peace and joy upon your church leadership.
  • Pray for accountability partnerships in the mission field.

What is a Missionary?

What is a Missionary?

Simply put, a missionary is someone who promotes their faith. Uniquely created as we are, our modes of promotion naturally differ from one another.



Missions can be thought of as bringing worship to places where it is absent. Our current freedom to worship in public was purchased by the blood of the martyrs who came before us. Paul counted this cost when he left his church on his three missionary journeys.

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