What is a Missionary?
Jilannie Realina, Jhonuel Calma, Timothy Ebio
August 19, 2021


Do your friends know that you are a Christian? Simply put, a missionary is someone who promotes their faith. Uniquely created as we are, our modes of promotion naturally differ from one another. Some promote their faith by extending helping hands to those in need. Others unashamedly strike faith conversations with strangers. Others TikTok. No matter the current stage of your faith journey, all believers are called to be ambassadors of Christ.

Like the apostle Paul, our missionary journey begins by experiencing the transformational power of Christ in the Gospel. Once known for being a persecutor of the church, on the road to Damascus, Paul encountered Christ. Afterwards, his mission took a 180 degree turn – from persecutor to missionary. In the same way, our personal encounter with Christ both substantiates and energizes our mission as missionaries – to promote Christ to the ends of the earth.

Our purpose and calling as believers is to love Christ, love others, and make the name of Jesus known. We do not need to travel the world in order to make an impact, but we need to be honest with ourselves as to the impact we are currently making. Are we making an impact for the kingdom at all? If the answer is ‘no,’ then let today be the day where things change.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for boldness, confidence and a heart to love those who do not know Christ so that you are able to promote their faith.
  • Pray for the lost to experience the transformational power of Christ through the Gospel.
  • Pray for missionaries. Pray that their source of strength and motivation comes from the fact that God’s love is sufficient and God’s grace is more than enough.
  • How long do we have left before Christ arrives? Ponder on the nearness of His coming. Pray for urgency in the hearts of people in the church that they would support missions.


Though often thought of as lone rangers, missionaries excel in community. Before going, make sure to set up a system for accountability. Calling yourself a missionary does not make you invincible to temptation. Instead, it makes you a target.



Missions can be thought of as bringing worship to places where it is absent. Our current freedom to worship in public was purchased by the blood of the martyrs who came before us. Paul counted this cost when he left his church on his three missionary journeys.



If you knew you had one conversation left with the person you loved the most in this world, what would you say? In Paul’s second letter to Timothy, it was clear that the apostle wasn’t sure whether they would meet again. Knowing he didn’t have much time left, he gave Timothy an instructional encouragement to stand firm in the good fight of faith.

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