What is prayer?

Prayer is the means of reaching out to God. It is a way for us to express our love, gratitude, and reverence to God, as well as to share our joys, sorrows, hopes, and needs. Through prayer, we open our hearts and minds to receive God’s grace and wisdom.

Why pray?

Prayer is not merely an obligation but a profound privilege and gift. It aligns our will with God’s will, to surrender our fears and worries, and to find peace amidst life’s challenges. Through prayer, we acknowledge our dependence on God’s unfailing love and mercy, trusting that He hears our prayers and works all things together for our good.

How to pray?

Whether through spoken words, silent meditation, song, or scripture, prayer is a heartfelt expression of our faith and trust in God. It is a journey of discovery and growth, a continual conversation with the Lord that shapes and transforms us from the inside out.

Join Us in Prayer

We invite you to join us in prayer. Whether you are new to prayer or have been practicing for years, there is always room to deepen your relationship with God and experience His presence in new and profound ways. Together, let us lift our hearts and voices in prayer, knowing that God hears us and is ever-present, ready to meet us where we are.

How can we pray for you today?

Join our Prayer Partners Ministry!

Contact us through the coordinators below:

Canada PPM Coordinators

Pastor Location Phone Email
Pastor Mary Juarana BC (778) 829 3950 [email protected]
Letty Biscaro NAB (780) 993 5726 [email protected]
Editha Catayong SAB (587) 224 9135 [email protected]
Amy Perez SK (306) 717-5698 [email protected]


Asia PPM Coordinator

Rome Anden [email protected]